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Podcasting – It can’t be that difficult, can it?

As part of my Homeward Bound experience, I wanted to use podcasting to talk to amazing women, about everything from the challenges they face in their work life, to their personal experiences and motivations. I’m not a podcast fanatic, but did get introduced by a Uni’ friend to Fortunately starring the indomitable Jane Garvey and Fi Glover, and I’m kind of hooked! Fi and Jane brought laughter into my lockdown weekend mornings, while I was pottering with a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and it was like being in a conversation with an old friend. That easy relaxed conversation is what makes it a superb podcast; being female, middle class, middle aged and a Brit', also probably helps; although I believe they have quite a strong male following too. Not having a sidekick, but I might contemplate this for future podcast episodes, my podcast was going to be different. But getting the formal serious messages of the podcast across while getting that informal chat was going to be the challenge.

I have a long list of absolutely fabulous and amazing women I’d like to interview, keep watch the Breaking the Ice Ceiling podcast space, with different interests and experiences from all over the globe. It did however seem apt to start with one of my Homeward Bound cohort 6 colleagues. The podcast launch coincided with the start of the UK Homeward Bound cohort 6 virtual journey from Aberdeenshire to Antarctica, in which we are collectively raising awareness of women working in Science Technology Engineering Maths and Medicine (STEMM), and also raising funds for our homeward bound experience. So, Sharon was my first guinea pig! Although Sharon and I have never met she lives very close to me in rural Aberdeenshire and is an expert in Health, which I know nothing about. I am simply a Dr of rocks!

But that’s all part of the fun, finding out, learning and just chatting. So, how did all this podcasting thing work then..? Well with a bit of guidance from Rhona at the University of Aberdeen, who are also promoting the podcast, we just gave it a go. A little bit of editing was required, as you can see… But within an hour despite name pronunciation issues, and a lot of ums...errs… and giggles we had created Episode 1: Pee, Poo, Sex and the One Health Concept.

Enjoy the bloopers, and how excited I am at the end! And if you want to find out about the impact of medicines on the health of planet Earth and its population listen in*.

With many thanks to Sharon Pfleger.

I'm stuck now too!

Pee, Poo, Sex!

We did it!

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